Dungeon Mage Released on the Windows Store!

Screen shot 2

Dungeon Mage

It came a little late, but after three submissions for certification Dungeon Mage finally made it onto  the Windows Store! You can download it onto your Windows 8 machine for free here:


A lot of work has gone into this game, so it’s great to finally see it available on its target platform. I’ve already found a few bugs (especially when the game is running on Surface tablets), so expect to see some fix updates soon.


Dungeon Mage is coming to the Windows Store soon!

ShroomDoom Studios’ latest game, an RPG called Dungeon Mage is almost done being developed! It will be released on the Windows Store sometime within the next month.


In Dungeon Mage, players can go spelunking through dungeons full of monsters and treasure. Unlock powerful spells to aid you in your quest to become the ultimate wizard!

You can watch a playlist of development vlogs for Dungeon Mage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqHQm83S4mo&feature=share&list=PLO61y98zw1c8JfU78bCNQFOoor_X7ksJ3


A Boy and his Golem Demo Build 1.0

A Boy and his Golem Screenshot

Here’s the link to the first demo build of A Boy and his Golem! There’s only one level and it’s really buggy, but it’s a huge milestone in terms of development.

The game runs in HTML5. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in Google Chrome, but it runs in both Firefox and Internet Explorer (I haven’t tested it in Safari).