Update and Announcement – I’m Competing in a Game Jam!

It’s been WAY too long! I’m really sorry there’s so much time between updates. I’m still here!

The situation’s the same as last time: school is my life, and it takes priority over game development. (Darn.)

But as of today, it’s Thanksgiving vacation! Or as I’m going to call it, Turkey Week!

I’ve actually got time to do stuff and develop things.

It turns out, by super crazy coincidence, that my break coincides perfectly with GameJolt’s Indies vs. PewDiePie game jam. So I’m going to enter it! (It’s my first game jam ever!)

I’m starting a little bit late, but I think I can still finish something.

I’ll be posting update videos to YouTube on my progress throughout the weekend, and I’ll also be livestreaming parts of the development process over on my new twitch channel.

Wish me luck! Peace.


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