I’m alive! This blog hasn’t been updated in about half a year, so I thought I would post to clarify that ShroomDoom Studios still exists. I’ve just been very, very busy! We’re (I’m) a one-man team here at ShroomDoom, and I’m also a full-time student, so school takes priority over developing whenever I’m not on vacation. I have been working on some projects, but none of them are big enough or complete enough to post about yet. You may be wondering, “Why hasn’t there been a Dungeon Mage update?” Well, there are two reasons:

  1. As I already said, I’ve been really busy with school.
  2. The software I used to develop Dungeon Mage, GameMaker Studio, has undergone multiple updates that have essentially broken Dungeon Mage’s code base. The game is playable, but prone to crashing and unable to load player save data. (So basically, it’s worse off now than it was when I released it back in August.)

This really sucks, because there’s a bug in the current published build of Dungeon Mage that skews the touch input it receives on Microsoft Surface tablets, which essentially renders the game unplayable (and also gets it lots of one-star ratings). This game-breaking bug was an under-the-hood problem with GameMaker that has been fixed since August. Unfortunately, it’s been replaced with a host of new problems. I’ve been considering re-writing the game from scratch, but I don’t think that will be possible because of my schedule. What I’d really like to do is make a game with Unity 3D (which is way more stable than GameMaker).
So the good news? I’m not dead. The bad news? As of now, the current version of Dungeon Mage is (I’m hoping to get around to a sequel, though).

By the way, I finally made an actual logo!



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